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SM-600 Specifications and composition

SM-600 F4 exact milling-drill tools with SC (software control) intended to perform flat-raised carvings with possibilities of 2.5D processing on the program given from system SC.

As axis drives are linear synchronous engines applied allowing high velocities of displacement at positioning and interpolations with no loss in accuracy.

Availability of air full tilt slides (gas lubrication) completely excludes friction and wear-out and guarantees reliability and longevity.

The tool has a table with size 1220 x 660 mm that moves in planes XY with X - 320 mm, Y - 660 mm.

Four engines are installed on the upper portal that moves vertically and spindles AC 72/0, 6 in one case, and milling heads of commutator type - in other case are bolted on them. Each spindle processes the zone X310 x Y660 mm, so it makes it possible to mill simultaneously four blanks in one program or, if based on that there are no zones of inaccessibility between spindles, the tool can process a detail of 1220x660 mm with alternating functioning of the spindles in different programs.

A blank is fixed by means of dowels with pneumatic grips on the table.

Working stroke of the engine X/Y/Z mm is not less than 320/660/65
Pulling power of the engines X/Y/Z, H, is not less than 300/650/200
Maximum velocity of displacement is 0, 25 m/sec 0,25
Rotation frequency of the spindle AC72/0,6 is 20?72 thousand rotations per minute 20÷72 thousand rotations per minute
Rotation frequency of gross of the milling head 30 thousand rotation per minute
Accuracy of milling is mm ±0,05
Accuracy of drilling is mm ±0,02
The type of main sensors of inductive position inductive
Feeding voltage is ~380 (3F)
Consuming power kW is , not more than 6
Permissible temperature of run, °C 15÷30
The mass of GPM: device for preparing air and liquids (kg) 3100/490/60
Consumption of air in run m 3/hour 70÷180
Air pressure in device for preparing air and liquids in input is atmosphere 6÷7
Running regime round-the-clock
Expected run period is not less than 15

Milling cutters are used with tails 3 mm and 4 mm for the spindle AS72/0,6 and 6?8 mm for the milling head made from hard alloys or quick-cutting steelsl.

3D model of decorative elements see - HERE

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