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Woodcarving with software-controlled tool SM600

SM-600F4 - software-controlled tools for woodcarving - are intended for wood carving, MDF and other materials, high-accuracy milling of complicated sidebars and paths in plane and in volume in the given program.

spindel Dekor with carving on soft furniture

We have a longstanding experience in successful application of the equipment of additional decorative elements for furniture and interiors production, souvenir wares, furniture fronts, door panels.

Products manufactured:

  • Overlay elements of any sorts wood, veneers, MDF and other materials for cabinet and soft furniture;
  • Souvenir wares: small boxes, kitchen boards, trays;
  • Elements of art parquet;
Carved products Blazon with initial
  • Fronts of furniture: with figure processing of frames and shaped carvings on panels;
  • Door panels, carved cornices, platbands;
  • Panel and pictures;
Geometric woodcarving Processing panel full tilt of the table eaten
  • Frames for mirrors, pictures, moulded strips;
  • High-precision templates and patterns;


  1. Furniture factories;
  2. Enterprises that produce:
    • finish
    • staircases
    • fronts of furniture
    • soft furniture
    • souvenir wares (serial)
    • art parquet

SM600 - a software-controlled tool for woodcarving can do milling works on non-ferrous metals, plastic and other materials as well as functions in regime of constant cycle drilling when used for printed charges manufacturing.

3D model of decorative elements see - HERE

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