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Furniture for kitchen from natural wood :
Soft kitchen sets, folding tables

We offer to supply for trading organizations serial furniture of wood with carved decorative elements:

    The Kitchen cozy corner

  • Kitchen soft corners "Monica" with soft cover

  • Table folding kitchen

  • Folding kitchen tables "STOL 2KR" - 1200x700 (1600x700) mm

  • Table folding dining

  • Folding dining tables "STOL 4OR" - 1400x850 (1900x850) mm

  • Table round

  • Round tables "STOL 1KN" - D=950mm

  • Tables round

  • Round tables "STOL 3KN" - D=950mm

  • Table kitchen carved

  • Kitchen tables "STOL 4KN" - 1050x650mm

  • Table magazine

  • Coffee tables "STOL 4ZH" - 1200x600mm

  • Chair kitchen

  • Kitchen hard chairs or chairs with soft cover

  • Easy chair with shelf
  • Armchair for living-room with a shelf

Short characteristics of kitchen furniture:

    Cozy corner kitchen
  • For kitchen soft sets are used standard sizes in different variants;

  • Tables and kitchen sets are made of the following materials: array of tree; furniture details veneered with natural veneer, furniture fabrics;
  • Decorating with high-quality varnishes and dye staff.

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