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3D carving
Modeling decor - 3D model

We offer the production of decorative elements with wood carvings:

  • console, pilasters, capitals, rosettes
  • decor for the door portals and door panels
  • elements for furniture
  • carved decoration for interiors
  • frames for mirrors and paintings
  • carved moldings
  • 3D panels
  • lattice slotted, decorative screens and partitions
  • 2D decor

Order woodcarving

call +38(067) 503 46 64


Along with the production of 2D decor, we produce 3D decorative elements with 3D carvings: wooden capitals and carved console, brackets, pilasters, panels, ornaments, moldings and frames for mirrors and paintings, carved rosettes, carved icons and much more.

List of product with 3D decorations:

  • Carved capitals, brackets, console;

  • capitals pilasters brackets

  • Carved panels, ornaments:

  • Carved panels Carved panels ornaments

  • Baguettes, frames for mirrors and paintings:

  • frames for mirrors frames for mirrors frames for mirrors

  • Central overhead elements with 3D carving:

  • Central overhead elements Central overhead elements Central overhead elements

  • Coats of arms and cartouches:

  • Coats of arms Coats of arms Coats of arms

  • Carved architraves, 3D moldings:

  • 3D moldings 3D moldings 3D moldings

  • Rosettes round and square carved rosettes:

  • rosettes rosettes rosettes

  • Corner elements:

  • Corner elements Corner elements Corner elements

  • Slotted grating:

  • Slotted grating Slotted grating Slotted grating

  • High relief:

  • High relief High relief High relief

    Decor is made from the blanks of the customer or from own material - as agreed.

    Decor items supplied require the final cleansing before finishing, or ready to paint - as agreed.

    3D modeling is performed according to the drawings, sketches, photographs, or by Layout - prototypes required products.

    In stock company has no finished products decor - wood carving are made to order according to your size and requirements.

    Order for production of decor with wood carvings can be done as follows way:

  • If you need a decor by model from our website - copy and send us with the information required by you sizes used materials, the necessary quantity of decorative elements and requirements.
  • If you want to order a decoration for their own design as a sketches, drawings or photos - send us material that you have with dimensions and other requirements for the product.

  • For our regular customers - on request - send email version of the full catalog decor with wood carvings.

    Order woodcarving

    call +38(067) 503 46 64


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