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3D woodcarvings with software-controlled tools

Furniture for kitchen of natural wood

- 3D models - 3D wood carving

- 2D dekor in interior with woodcarving

- Woodcarving as profitable business

- Supply Flexible Production Module SM-600

- Samples of elements with 2D woodcarvin

- Wooden furniture for kitchen - photo

- Software-controlled tool - SM600


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We produce decorative elements of wood for interiors with carving made on demand

Shipment of software-controlled tool for woodcarving are available

3D milling on CNC machines

- Order 3D woodcarving - 3D model

- Woodcarving - 3D milling on CNC machines

- 3D carving and 3D modeling

- Slide show - Carving "Icon" - milling on CNC

We produce 3D models for use on CNC machines

3D modeling of decorative elements

We produce serial furniture for kitchen of natural wood

3D modeling of decorative elements

-Decorative elements with carving -

always are modern in application for furniture fronts, doors, stairways, souvenir products, decoration of interiors

- Furniture for kitchen of natural wood - Kitchen cosy corners, folding tables - warmth and comfort in your house

- SM600F4 - tool for woodcarving performing

- Dekor with carving - new page

with woodcarving in interior and souvenir products

- SM-600 - cutting tool for processing furniture fronts and reveal of sheet materials

- Straight line relationship - with company administration


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